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Senin, 03 Januari 2011

2011 are poles apart

Dear my sweetybloggy..
Yeah all of people knew. This is the end of 2010 and much people wish about anything wishess to 2011 unexcepted to me. Sometimes much people just said and pray wishess but it’s nothing without an action. So, let’s make your dream comes true with your action in this year.
Maybe, many hope to me in this year i.e,
  1.  I wanna make my parent proud (it’s priority of my life in everytime when I ‘till  my breath end
  2. Get good scores in my graduated
  3. Continue my study in college
  4.  Be a better person (all of people hopes)
  5.  Get Bf
  6. Have a car, yeah I just need money very much and it’s so hard
  7. Following BEM (in highschool as OSIS or body of school)
  8.  Goes to Lombok (please God, I really want to come to Lombok and I know when I come at there, there are something information I can have
  9. Be closer to You, God
  10. And many more.
I just a little princess of my parent, sometimes I don’t knew what I did but I want all of people in besides me understanding that I just wanna made them always nearest me and only me. I know you’ll say if I were selfish but I needed and I just want it. Please, forgive my mistakes and approve my wishes. It just little wishes. Thankiees of you who approve my dream(s).

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