This Year must be My Year, be honest, keep cheerful and get success

Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

Life is never lie

Hi, My name is Mutia Ria Untari. I study @ SMAN 58 Jakarta in the 3rd grade. I was born between love since 17th years ago. I likes singing, playing my picblack, eat, pray, dream and studying of course. In my life, I had some story about my LOVE but sometimes I got nothing in the end. Its so desolate but it doesn't matter. Life must go on. I don't want to stuck, I must get calm n myself and carry on. All of people must have to change their lives to be better. Yeah, I thought its a purpose in your life. The most important is be a better person and don't you look at a result but look your proccess. Surelly, while we are poles apart but we always need help each other. Open book to be Wise. Absolutelly I'll looking up very much.

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